Heartbreak Hotel Is The Big Hash’s Upcoming 2020 Album Title

The Big Hash reveals "Heartbreak Hotel" to be the title of his upcoming album

The Hash’s 2020 album will be called “Heartbreak Hotel”.

You may as well call him the honorable disher of albums. It’s no big news that Mzansi rapper, The Big Hash will be dropping a new album this year. We sort of expected it. We just didn’t know what the title would be. On Tuesday, 17 March, the rapper shared a photo to his Instagram page, and revealed the title of the album to be “Heartbreak Hotel”.

Last year, we were blessed to receive an album from him, he called it “Young”. The album was a followup to the release of two projects which he dropped in 2018. They were titled “The Big Hash Theory” album and “Life + Times Of A Teenage Influence” EP.

We have a feeling that this upcoming album would be from his heart. We might get to hear him talk about things we never imagined he would. We can’t wait.

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