Heartbreak Hotel – The Big Hash Announces Completion Of Album, Shares Experience (Video)

South African rapper The Big Hash is finally done with his album “Heartbreak Hotel” after years of working on it.

The songster announced he was working on the project years back, but a series of personal issues prevented him from completing the project on time and releasing it to the public. In fact, at some point, he even had to take a break from music.

But all that appears to be in the past right now, as the songster has finally completed the project. And he announced the completion to his fans, letting them know just how draining the process had been.

There is still some good news, though, as the muso also noted that fans can expect a wonderful experience with the album, as “this is some of the craziest music I have ever made.”

Well, you can count on us to share the same with you on the official release. Stay tuned.

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