Heartbroken Moonchild Sanelly Asks for Heartbreak Pills

Love is a beautiful experience, many will tell you. It is hard not to agree with those who think love beautiful. The experience of being with someone who adores you and will do anything to make you happy is something many strive to have.

Controversial singer Moonchild Sanelly is one such person.She has experienced love several times, but it appears the most recent ended in a fiasco. She has lost it. She is heartbroken right now and needs all the help she can get. She said so herself.

Taking to her Twitter account on June 1, the songstress, who recently bagged a publishing deal with Sony/ ATV South Africa, cried out about the stake of her heart and asked if there was heartbreak painkillers to counteract the effect of the loss.

She named not the person responsible for her heartbreak, though, leaving fans to a guessing game. It appears fans will play the guessing game until she finds another lover and perhaps heal.

Or what do you think? Have you got some heartbreak pills out there? Your sister needs it, man! Now do the needful and make the songstress smile again. What are family and friends for?

By the way, she has taken down the tweet.

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