Heavy K Announces Professor Collaboration “Tsamaya” Release Date, Changes Artwork Colour

Heavy K announces release date for Proffesor collaboration, "Tsamaya" and changes artwork

Heavy K reveals the official release date for collaboration with Proffesor titled “Tsamaya”, and changes the song’s artwork.

We remember when we said that it’s going to be great year for Mzansi hit maker, Heavy K. Last year wasn’t that incredible because we heard some news about him that was quite heartbreaking, but thankfully, he’s out here killing it once more.

If you didn’t know already, the talented hit maker has got a collaboration with Proffesor coming soon. The two on one song would definitely be mind blowing. He has now announced the official date for the song’s release, and it is sometime this month.

The last time we received news of the song, we were presented with a different artwork in orange colour. He’s changed it now to one that’s even better, same gaphics design but different colour, and with a different colour. He has also announced the release date for the song to be 20 March, 2020. We really can’t wait to hear it.


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