Heavy K Slams, Advises Body Shamers, Critics Of His Weight

House music maestro Heavy K has made it clear he doesn’t care what people think about his weight. The songster has been so focused on the music that he doesn’t listen to critics of his body. 

Just recently, though, Heavy K had cause to respond to those who ribbing him for his weight. 

The DJ and producer had shared a picture of himself in black clothes looking happy and confident in himself. Some fans were unimpressed with the picture and asked him to shed some kilos. 

Not one to be buried with such a shot, Heavy K had responded that he doesn’t care what people think or say about his weight. He’s been in the industry for years and people are aware of his weight. So what’s the point, he wondered. 

His indifference to people’s thoughts about his weight notwithstanding, he made it clear that people should be kind, as the critical words directed at him would probably have destroyed a less confident person.

What do you think of Heavy K’s take on his weight and those trying to body-shame him? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go!

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