Heavy K Speaks Out Against Disrespect

Versatile Mzansi DJ and producer Heavy-K has spoken out against the disrespect he faces in the SA music industry.

If we made a of the country’s most unproblematic celebrities, there is no doubt about Heavy-k being on it. The talented DJ and producer has been around for years, but he has kept his business private.

He is one of many artists who make the music their entire focus. And yes, he does sell. Sadly, his unproblematic personality has not kept him away from trouble. It always seems to find him in his lane while he minds his business.

The Drum Boss recently tweeted, frowning against the disrespect he faces. He wrote, “I’m definitely one of the most unproblematic artists in SA, I mind my own business, always been in my lane, on my bag, consistent, no arrogance, no unnecessary drama but I still get disrespected & catching strays nje! but basezoswaba!” let us hope that this would not make him change who he is.

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