“Hectic” – Blxckie Details The Day He Got Robbed (Video)

No one wants to suffer the trauma of being robbed. But shit happens and some people live to tell the tale.

South African rapper Blxckie is one such person. The songster was new in Durban and trying to get the hang of things at the time the incident happened. He detailed the incident and more during a recent appearance on the MyDm Podcast.

It must have been on a Thursday, midday, according to him. He was walking down the street, a backpack on his bag when a group pulled up on him. At first, they took his phone. But then they asked him what was in his bag.

They took the bag also. It contained his laptop and other stuff. Recalling the moment, he said it was hectic and he was left with nothing.

Well, so far, he’s made enough money to cover up the losses. The joy is that he’s alive to tell the tale. Not many survive a robbery.

It’s been a long walk for Blxckie, but it wasn’t until recently that he started attracting serious attention. At this point in his career, it is near impossible to discuss South African rap without somehow mentioning his name.

Here’s the detailed interview.

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