Hell F*cking Yeah, AKA On Collaborating With A-Reece!

AKA talks about collaborating with A-Reece.

In 2019, the multi-award-winning rapper, , announced that he is working on his fourth album. He also revealed that was one of the rappers that will be featuring in his fourth album and that he was looking forward to working with the talented rapper.

The ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker has revealed again that he is looking forward to working with in a music project.

This revelation was made after a user asked him if he would love to work with A-Reece. responded in affirmative.

The user asked:

Would you work with A-Reece??

Supa Mega gave a definite response but also explained that the only challenge was that the ‘Baby Boy’ hitmaker, A-Reece, was hard to find.

AKA responded:

Hell Fxxking yeah…but i don’t know if it’s his fault or mine but tbh… Reece is like a unicorn…if u catch him you catch him…if you don’t…you probably not trying to hard.

AKA recently took to social media to declare that he wants to engage in a boxing match with his rival, .

The feud between the two rappers has been ongoing for years now. However, they usually sub each other on social media. Now, the war wants to get more intense as they might be competing against each other in a boxing match.

Suga Mega posted a screenshot of the message Cassper had sent to him via DM, where he told him that they should compete in a boxing ring. AKA also stated that Cassper has been dropping hints about the boxing match in interviews. He wants Mufasa to sign the deal so that they would face each other in a boxing ring.

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