Her Majesty Admits That “Mommy Club 2” Was Quite A Heavy One

Her Majesty opens up about “Mommy Club 2” being a heavy one.

A reunion special was recently held for stars of Mommy Club 2 and it was hosted by TV presenter, actress and singer Ntombee Ngcobo-Mzolo.

Happy “Her Majesty” Simelane confessed to SowetanLIVE at the special’s filming that the second season of The Mommy Club brought out the worst in her.

“This season was quite a heavy one. It was emotionally draining and a lot happened. I had a bit of fun here and there but most of it was quite challenging.” She also spoke about swearing, saying,

“I swore the most [on the show] than I have ever done in my life. I didn’t realise that this group of moms were bringing out the worst in me.”

Simelane also opened up about returning for the third season.

“Despite how things turned out, I wouldn’t mind coming back for a third season… that’s if there is. ..I plan to behave this time around but if anyone pokes the bear, they’ll get what they’re asking for.”

Mudarikwa believed she was well-behaved this season. She said,

“I was more calm this season, I didn’t get into a lot of confrontations or been the centre of any drama. I took all the criticism that I received from season one where people called me all sorts of names and told me how I always ‘want to be right’. So, I made sure to be more loving and be an attentive listener to the other moms.”

“I’m not acting or pretending… what the producers showed was who I am in real life. I am human at the end of the day and people need to take me as I am.”

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