Here Are Stogie T’s Top Ten Hip Hop Albums

Stogie T mentions his top ten favourite Hip Hop albums

Stogie T lists his top ten favourite Hip Hop albums of all time.

If every rapper in SA and the world could be as honestly supportive of others as Stogie T then the Hip Hop scene might not have that much feuds. Literally everyone in Mzansi knows Tumi to be quite the truth teller.

The talented rapper has always been vocal about how much he loves and respects his fellow rappers and also how their works inspire him. This week, he’s been in the news for showing love to Emtee, who he called a generational talent, and Nasty C who he said he hasn’t seen anything like.

He recently took to Twitter to list his top 10 favourite Hip Hop albums of all time. You might find it interesting to see that he doesn’t only listen to SA Hip Hop albums. Apparently, he never skips a song when he listens to them.

Stogie T’s Top Ten Fave Hip Hop Albums;

1. Illmatic

2. Aquemini

3. Chronic

4. 36 Chambers

5. Doggystyle


7. The Score

8. Ready To Die

9. Amerikkas Most wanted

10. The Blueprint.Jay/ The Diary/ Stakes Is High/ It Takes A Nation/ Hard To Earn/ Resurrection/ Midnight Marauders.

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