Here Is What Big Zulu Would’ve Done To AKA If He’s In Caspper’s Shoes

One thing knows how to do for sure is stir up beef on social media but celebrities like aren’t having any of it, as he clearly states how he would treat the situation if started a beef with him.

Earlier today started a Twar on twitter which involved him calling out long time rival , raining insults on him and also involving his parents. Amidst the discussions on , people and some celebrities like , Naomi K and expressed their thought about the move made by AKA. Big tweeted that if he were to be in the shoes of Cassper, he won’t reply in words but will use his belt.

See post below;

In other news Rapper, Big alongside was dragged into the case of a shooting which allegedly occurred at the video shoot of his Amamillion remix single, a claim which has come out to debunk.

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