Here Is The List Of MCs To Cypher At The One Mic Season 3 On SABC

SABC 1 has finally announced the of the MC’s that will be participating in the third season of their One Mic freestyle competition.

Recall that SABC 1 had earlier announced the event last month by sharing behind the scenes clips from the upcoming show, which saw familiar faces and musicians. It showed Big Zulu, and Aewon Wolf, as the judges for the third season of the show.

If you tuned in to the first and second seasons, you should be certain that you are in for a treat, as this MCs will go head on in a lyrical battle.

The first episode of the battle will be airing on Thursday 23rd of April 2020 on SABC 1 Mzansi Fosho and will be anchored by Anele “Ney The Bae” Zondo. DJ Sbo F will also be the resident DJ on deck to provide tunes for the MC’s to work with. The judges who are also top MC’s in the game will be judging them on their use of lyrics.

The new season will be having 32 rappers battle each other lyrically to be crowned the winner of the show after 26 weeks of intense competition. Here are the MCs that will be gracing your TV screens for 26 weeks, with one of them to be crowned king of the One Mic competition.

  1. Blue Flamez
  2. Besa Pharaoh
  3. Soul Ink
  4. Kati
  5. Mike Spiller
  6. Beast De Maharaj
  7. Mizos
  8. Blondz
  9. Vodka Kid
  10. A.K.O Jimmie
  11. Insany
  12. Thili Stars
  13. Zulu thrash
  14. HD
  15. Unique
  16. Cyrex
  17. Trinn
  18. Sunny Hills
  19. Mreva
  20. Brooklyn
  21. Activist
  22. Black Ace
  23. Bimbo Man
  24. Tsonga Rap God
  25. B.C.O Samant
  26. Trusted SLK
  27. Cychozet
  28. Iqili
  29. 2Lit2ools
  30. Lord Sabotage
  31. TT
  32. Bimbo Man

One thing the rap scene has missed in the past is the presence of a lot of female MC’s in the game, now with such competition there will be more female rappers in the game making a name for themselves.

The rap competition will see this MC’s go head on in battle fought with lyrics and at the end of the day the best man or woman with awesome lyrical game will be crowned the overall winner. This TV show is one you don’t want to miss out from.

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