Here Is What Lerato Sengadi Plans To Do With HHP’ Grave

Late rapper HHP’s widow, Lerato Sengadi plans to erect a tomb at the rappers grave site, to make it look more presentable.

Jabba might be gone but the drama surrounding his life still lingers on, as legal cases are still being held concerning the state of his will. Even before the rapper was laid to rest, his family had it out with Lerato Sengadi because they do not regard her his wife.

The state of his grave site was brought to attention when pictures of DJ Zan D who saw HHP has his mentor, visiting his grave site to pay respect surfaced. The state of the grave was really not befitting for someone who had a major contribution in the Hip-hop world.

It was later revealed that the state of the grave site was like that due to the unsettling battle between his family and Lerato Sengadi.

Now After the Supreme court ruled Lerato his legal wife, she has revealed she will be doing something about it.

In her words;

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