Here Is Why Flame’s Girlfriend “Ashleigh Ogle” Needs To Go

Twitter Users have called for the Flame to break up with his longtime girlfriend, due to new cheating revelations made on Twitter.

Nav Albers from J Molley’s camp had earlier accused Flame’s girlfriend Ashleigh Og  of cheating on him by sliding into his and other people’s DMs. He also went further to share their Whatsapp chats where Ashleigh was complementing him on his looks.

Nav Albers also challenged that he will be meeting the Flame face to face with receipts to show that his girlfriend was all over him and every other guy on social media’s DMs.

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Now Twitter users have weighed in on the matter now advising the rapper to split up with his girlfriend, as she was doing him more harm than good, as she was the one behind the wrecking crew’s split. They also pointed out that is former friend A-Reece also warned him on the matter.

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