Here Is Why Nadia Nakai Couldn’t Make “More Drugs” At 22

Nadia Nakai opened up on the reason for her not dropping her “More Drugs” single when she was 22 years old.

Nadia Nakai’s “More Drug” single was faced by some numbers of  challenges upon release, due to the message it portrayed. Most TV channels in SA wouldn’t air it until it started getting aired by TV stations like Trace, MTV Base and Channel O.

The rapper has now given reasons she delayed releasing the song even though she had it since she was 22 years old.

Nadia Nakai stated her reason being the fear of spoiling her career with such an emotional song, she felt at 22 years she wasn’t ripe enough or had the experience to go with the song and her fans then might not understand it.

Nadia Nakai continued that the time she finally dropped the song was the best time she could have, because she was mature enough for it.

Watch video below;


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