Here is Why “Rest In Peace” And “Condolences” Are Trending In South Africa

The phrases “Rest In Peace” and “Condolences” are trending in South Africa right now. But there’s a reason for it: a star popped briefly in the universe of South African music and vanished as quickly as it had come.

That star is the singer Gee Six Five. She had wowed the Rainbow Nation with her debut “Obani Lababantu” song, which ignited the letters of hope and perseverance in the hearts of many.

Gee Six Five succumbed to the coronavirus, according to a statement put out by her family. The hashtags #RIPGeeSixFive, #ObaniLababantu, and #Condolences, which are currently trending on Twitter, are the world’s way of remembering the songstress who set a precedent for many by obtaining her master’s degree at the age of 63, two years before her death.

In fact, her master’s degree milestone form the principal inspiration for her “Obani Lababantu” song which went viral within a day of release.

Gee Six Five might be 65 but not many expected her to be gone so soon. But then she was tajen from the world almost as soon as she became famous with her one and only song. The hashtags The hashtags #RIPGeeSixFive, #ObaniLababantu, and #Condolences are more like lamps to her memory. They are trending because of her.

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