Here Is Why Zozibini Tunzi Is Trending After Announcement Of Cheslie Kryst’s Death

South African beauty queen Zozibini Tunzi found herself on Mzansi trending list, but it’s not for her having won a beauty contest. Far from it. So why is Zozi trending?

The reason for her trending is not something anyone would like – certainly not Zozi. It so happened that the American beauty Cheslie Kryst, who had contested for the Miss Universe crown alongside the South African beauty, jumped to her death from a skyscraper.

The news of her suicide shook the beauty world. Out in South Africa, many began to worry about Zozi because she’s a friend to the late American beauty and both of them had shared a room during the Miss Universe contest.

With many across South Africa tweeting about Zozi in relation to Kryst’s death and wondering if she’s okay because she shared a close bond with the late American, Zozi had found herself trending on Mzansi Twitter.

Zozi is devastated by the news of Kryst’s passing and even had trouble sleeping as a result. In a recent post to her Instagram, she had shared pictures and videos of them together – when all was good and there was life. You can check out her post below.

Hopefully, she recovers from the tragedy of her friend\s passing

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