Here’s A List Of Top 15 Hip Hop Beats Gemini Major & Tweezy Put Against Each Other During The Battle

Good songs owe their awesomeness to the producers of the beat of the songs, though some of we listeners often forget this fact and focus majorly on the artists. The recent producer battle between and have gone a long way to prove that the producers are the heartbeats of a hit song.

The producers went head on, in a beat battle on Thursday 2nd of April 2020 on Live , which saw many of their fans tune in to decide who was the god of beats. Gemini major made his run with tracks like Gets Getsa by Cassper, Supa Dupa among others which were produced by him and it saw with the apt reply with tracks like Sim Dope, Areece Paradise among other songs. Gemini major took to his page to post the top 15 songs that were played by the producers during the battle.

See post below;

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