Here’s An Update On The Ongoing Legal Battle Of HHP Estate Between His Family & Wife

An update on the legal battle between HHP's Wife and his Family

Here is all you should know about the ongoing legal battle of HHP between his family and his wife.

The death of late Mzansi star, HHP was a loss that was felt by so many in the country. However, since his death, there hasn’t been any peace between his family and his customary wife. The two have been in and out of court a lot since and it has been quite stressful on both sides.

Sengadi was first sued by the family on claims that she wasn’t legally married to their son refusing her from attending his funeral. The court later on ruled in her favour but that didn’t sit well with them. The family later appealed the matter to the Supreme court of Appeal.

Also, the late HHP’s will revealed that he had left his wealth (including his estate, music catalogue and royalties, all worth millions of Rands) to his son, Leano. Sengadi also decided to fight for her deserving ‘right’ of his estate as his surviving wife.

SAHipHopMag reports that a music executive revealed,

“The battle between Lerato [Sengadi] and the family is not only about wether or not she is the customary wife, it is about the estate as well. If Lerato wins this case at the Supreme Court of Appeal, she is, according to the law, entitled to 50percent of his estate,”

“If the deceased has disinherited her and the Supreme Court of Appeal finds in her favour and declares her the customary wife, she will be entitled to a share of the estate as decreed by the Spousal Estate Act,”

Also, Isaac Raphela of Raphela Attorneys said that if the Supreme Court of Appeal rules in her favour, Sengadi would be entitled to a share of HHP’s estate.

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