Here’s What Caused The Beef Between The Big Hash And J Molley

It’s no news that rappers J Molley and the Big Hash don’t flow with each other. As they have both been in feud for a while now.

The Beef has escalated over time with both artists calling each other out on social media platforms. Now The Big Hash has come out with the story of what really started the beef.

The Big Hash took to social media to share a long note on what started the beef. The rapper said that he tried working with J Molley on a song which he had also contacted Moozlie for which she was cool with but J Molley’s part  didn’t work out as the rapper didn’t show up for the collaboration.

The rapper continued that even after that happened he tried to reach out to the rapper which didn’t work out, but he still got love for the rapper nonetheless

See the post below;

THE BIG HASH @peacebeyondme
For anybody saying I started anything…here’s a backstory

J Molley had replied the rapper when the feud started stating that he was just chasing clouts and he was not ready to deal with The Big Hash. The Big Hash recently took the beef up a notch as he drops a diss freestyle rap. In the freestyle he gave bars which saw him drag J Molley on the floor.

Although J Molley is yet to answer with his own diss track, this is seeming to be beef that will be on in the industry for a while, as shots have been thrown and someone absolutely caught it. See response from fans below:

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