Here’s the Ice Age: Scrat Tales Plot, Trailer, Release Date, & More

Soon after Disney+ announced it would be launching in 42  countries and 11 territories, the company has propped before fans a new series Ice Age: Scrat Tales.

While the series has not been officially released, some essentials are already out there, including the plot, trailer, and release date.

According to Disney+, as early as April 13, Ice Age Scrat tales will be available to subscribers. The series will comprise six episodes, which are listed below.

  1. “Nuts About You”
  2. “LoFi Scrat Beats to Sleep/Chill to”
  3. “X’s and Uh-O’s”
  4. “Nutty Reflections”
  5. “Teeter Toddler”
  6. “Nut The End”

The series comes with a trailer that’s not only engaging but gives clues about the series itself. On the trailer’s strength, it’s easy to expect higher engagement later this month, when the series will be available.

The plot for the imminent Scrat tales is anything but complicated. It follows the life of the Ice Age squirrel and its fascination with acorns. The obsession with acorns runs so deep that although he was hit by a thunder old and buried in an earthquake, it remained undeterred in its acorn-hunting.

Out hunting one day, it had run into a baby Scrat that’s just as obsessed with acorns. What follows is a tale not to be missed.

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