Here’s What You Would Need To Have Emtee Ghostwrite Your Lyrics

If you are a rapper and would want Emtee to create rap magic for you with his ghostwriting skills, here is your chance to achieve just that. The songster himself has announced his availability. He is ready to work with you, but his ghostwriting service isn’t free, and it isn’t cheap.

The songster spelt things out himself in his tweet, pointing out that those who want his services would have to pay R10k for him to ghostwrite a song. So in the event they want 10 songs ghostwritten, it would cost them a cool R100k.

For those who want a hook only, they would have to fork over R45k. Well, compared to other artists, say, DJ Tira, Emtee’s demands aren’t too high. Lol. You can check out the post below.

Here'S What You Would Need To Have Emtee Ghostwrite Your Lyrics 2

For context, years ago, DJ Tira announced that to him on a song, musicians would have to cough out R100k. After all, according to him, whatever song he is on sells like hot cake. Given the time he made that known and what has changed in the industry so far, the sum may have changed – upwards, or down.

Well, for those looking to have Emtee on their songs, they know what to do at this point

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