Here’s Why Blaklez Spends Most Of His Time In Studio

Blaklez opens up about the true reason why he spends most of his time in the studio.

There are certain artists and DJs in the music industry who everyone believes spend all their time in the studio, and do not have time for extracurriculars. They’re usually the artists who are always dropping new music or taking photos in the studio.

One artist who has done that a lot this year is Mzansi rapper, Blaklez. The talented muso has been very consistent with his releases this year. We have gotten several singles from him including various projects, and a joint collaborative album with PdotO.

This has gotten many of his fans thinking, prompting his them to ask why he spends most of time in the studio. Replying, he revealed that he doesn’t only spend time in the studio, he also stated that he does other things as well.

I spend a lot of time there but do two or three other things as well. It’ll make sense one day,”

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