Here’s Why Emtee & Flash Ikumkani Fell Out

SA Hip Hop star Emtee finally reveals why he and Flash Ikumkani fell out.

One of the best duos we saw on the SA Hip Hop scene was Emtee and Flash Ikumkani. Everyone expected them to vibe together for a long time, but that didn’t happen. A little while back, news broke that their working relationship had ended because Flash refused to sign with Emtee Records.

However, they claimed there was no bad blood between them and refused to talk about the split. It seems there’s more to the story now. Emtee recently reacted to an alleged tracklist for “DIY3” making rounds on Twitter and questioned why he would want to work with Flash.

After a fan asked what really went down, he revealed that after Flash left Emtee Records, he began talking “crap” about Lolli Native. Of course, that did not sit right with him. Check the tweets below.

Here'S Why Emtee &Amp; Flash Ikumkani Fell Out 2Here'S Why Emtee &Amp; Flash Ikumkani Fell Out 3Here'S Why Emtee &Amp; Flash Ikumkani Fell Out 4

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