Here’s Why Prince Kaybee Turned Down A Lady Who Has A Crush On Him

Low Key Records boss is in the news again. This time, unlike previously, it is for something altogether hilarious – his response to a lady who apparently has a crush on him.

A lady who had a crush on the “Fetch Your Life” hitmaker had tweeted of her love for him. Prince Kaybee, who’s currently in a relationship with Zeelovin, had made it know he was unready for a relationship with her.

The way he responded to the lady cracked most Twitter users up. According to Prince Kaybee, responding to the lady who fancied him, he’s currently under investigation by the Men’s Conference board.

Verbatim, his response reads: “You’re so beautiful, mare I’m still under investigation by the Men’s Conference board after that incident.”

Amused by his response, his fans wasted no time sharing their thoughts on it. According to one fan, Prince Kaybee’s response was just for show, and he would soon slide into the lady’s DMs.

Another thanked him for politely rejecting the lady, and yet another wonder if he had pleaded guilty to the “charge.” The reference here might be to Prince Kaybee’s recent admission that he cheated on his girlfriend Zeelovin, a peccadillo for which he has since apologized.

The lady has since deleted her post.

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