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Here’s Why Scoop Makhathini Thinks Critics Hate On Priddy Ugly

Scoop Makhathini believes that critics like to hate on Priddy Ugly, here’s why.

Since he hit the scene, SA Hip Hop star, Priddy Ugly has slowly and steadily made a name for himself on the scene. The talented emcee has become one of the best lyricists in SA. He continues to win, but it is obvious that Priddy has a lot of critics.

Scoop Makhathini recently weighed in on the matter and explained why he thinks critics love to hate on the popular emcee. Scoop’s comments were made in the recent episode of Popcast which also features Zeus Omega and Ms Cosmo. According to him, people are just jealous because they want Bontle Modiselle.

Priddy and Bontle are unarguably one of the cutest couples in the country. He revealed that since Priddy has won in everything, people think making him starve would cause Bontle to leave. Check out the full episode below.

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