Here’s Why Tamia Mpisane Will Never Join The Real Housewives of Durban

For many, appearing on a reality show —say, the Real Housewives of  Durban —is the ultimate dream, as it opens the world before them and creates so many opportunities besides fame.

For new mum in town Tamia Mpisane, though, appearing on RHOD is something she is just not interested in, and she would not be a part of it because, in her words, she is so weird on camera.

Tamia Mpisane is Andile Mpjsane’s wife, and by every standard, she qualifies to be on the show. She is young and married to a wealthy, prominent family, which happens to be some of the requirements to be on the show.

But since she is uninterested in being a part of it, those who have been longing to see her there would have to bury the plans right away. She wouldn’t be a part of it.

This is despite the calls from her fans to pop into the show like many in her position would have done. The verdict, for now, remains no. Whether she would change her mind eventually remains to be seen.

For now, y’all may call and call, and she would not be a part of it. Who cares to feel weird?

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