Here’s Why The Police And Artists Clashed During #Vulapresident Protest On N3 Freeway, Durban

This is why the police and protesters clashed during the peaceful protest by Durban artists on the N3 freeway.

If you were off social media yesterday, Wednesday, September 2nd, then you missed out on so much. Armed with placards and music to protest the ban on events in the country, Durban artists took to the N3 freeway, north and southbound, between Spaghetti Junction and the Pavilion.

They caused quite a stir preventing vehicles from crossing while trying to gain the president’s attention. Well, the reason for this was quite obvious. For many months now, all of Mzansi has been on lockdown. The lockdown started out with a ban on events, including burials, wedding ceremonies, parties, festivals and more.

However, advancing into the level 2 lockdown about a month ago, so many things changed. A lot of the restrictions and rules were eased, but large scale events remain banned. Since the beginning of the lockdown, artists have voiced out their pain at not being able to earn a living. This led to the allocation of R150 million to help assist artists, and sports personalities.

Of course, they voiced out that it wouldn’t be enough. Obviously having had enough, Durban artists organised the peaceful protest and took to the N3 freeway to gain the president’s attention. While that happened, the hashtag #VulaPresident trended on social media with various others lending their voices and showing support.

The artists called on the president to open the country, and allow 70 % capacity on events so artists can go back to earning an honest living. However, It didn’t take long before the police arrived the scene.

They came armed with stun grenades and rubber bullets in efforts to disburse the protesters. It ended up in a clash between both parties with some of the protesters arrested and detained after the police opened fire on them. Videos and photos of the clash flooded social media. Hopefully, their request was heard.

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