“He’s Going To Take The Game Further Than I Could,” AKA Praises Nasty C Again

South African rapper, AKA is back to praising Nasty C for what the young rapper is doing for the game and fans love this particular one.

AKA has been rubbing off wrongly with some fans since the announcement of his fallout with DJ Zinhle and his liking spree of another of his exes, Bonang‘s pictures but this piece of information and the praising of Nasty C may just have gotten him back into their good books again.

In a recent interview, AKA said of Nasty C:

He’s the future, hes the next me… he’s going to take the game further than I could ever take the game and you can quote me on that. I’m not scared to say that.

I find a lot of guys are like coming… I wouldn’t say at the end of their cycles but “what now?” and I also find myself at that place. Sh*t I’m still on top which is a blessing you know? But at some point the next wave is going to come through and it’s just gonna be their time and if you try to hold on to it for too long …

Nasty C is currently chilling in Japan where he is putting finishing touches to his coming “Zulu Man With Some Power” and fans will be looking forward to it.

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