“He’s Like A Brother”, Mihlali Ndamase Says About Riky Rick

Beauty influencer, says that SA star, is like a brother to her.

Mzansi beauty star, is really growing her following to massive heights. The popular influencer has mixed with some of Mzansi’s celebs and even recently had a chat with rapper, on her vlog. She also recently scored a spot on Africa’s highly coveted 30 under 30 list.

Sadly, she isn’t crushing on any SA celebrities but has her eyes set on Canadian star, . She recently appeared on DJs, Banques and Venom’s podcast, “The Banques And Venom Show” which is shared on YFM’s YouTube channel.

There, Mihlali spoke about her biggest cheques and celebrity crushes. Sadly, she revealed she doesn’t know who Big is. According to her, she finds Mzansi rapper, Big attractive but he’s like a brother to her. She also had the two hosts blushing when she said she finds them attractive too.

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