HHP Family Appeals To Constitutional Court to Have Customary Marriage To Lerato Sengadi Revoked

The Family of the late Jabulani HHP Tsambo is stopping at nothing to have his customary marriage to Lerato Sengadi revoked.

Soon after HHP’s passing years ago, the family had fought Lerato Sengadi, denying she was married to their son as well as forbidding her from coming to HHP’s house. The court had ruled that she was married to him and actually granted her some of HHP’s properties.

The family never stopped fighting the ruling. Prior to his death two weeks ago, HHP’s father Robert Tsambo had approached the constitutional court seeking to revoke the marriage because, according to him, there was no handing over ceremony and the marriage was therefore invalid.

The high court and the supreme court of appeal had earlier confirmed that a marriage had taken place after lobola negotiations.

Robert Tsambo has got a lawyer who’s backing his claims that the marriage was invalid because there was no handover ceremony of the pride. To back his claims, the lawyer cited the case of Elizabeth Southon and Mohau Moropane, a former Liberty Life director.

The cited case indicated that the handing over of the bride is vitally important and cannot be overlooked.

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