HHP’s Wife Lerato Sengadi Opens Up About His Suicide “My Husband Was Sick”

HHP's wife, Lerato Sengadi reveals he was "sick" before his suicide

HHP’s widow, Lerato Sengadi finally opens up about his suicide, says “My husband was sick”.

The death of popular Mzansi rapper, Jabulani Tsambo aka HHP came as a shock to almost everyone. We all couldn’t believe it even after it had been ruled as a suicide, it still felt vague to the ears. The rapper had while he was alive been open about his struggle with depression but no one knew how serious it was until his death.

In the midst of her legal battle with her late husband’s family, HHP’s customary wife, Lerato Sengadi has now opened up about his death. Speaking to Eusebius McKaiser on 702, Lerato opened up about her husband’s struggles and fighting for her rights with her husband’s family.

She said,

My husband was sick – he had a mental illness and he died as a result of the mental illness. The way in which it took him was through suicide,

She continued

In everything that has been said about me – this is my first time ever talking about any of this stuff – no one has been honest enough to say that he committed suicide, [they keep saying] ‘It’s alleged’. It’s not alleged – that is what happened as a result of mental illness.

“We should be able to have that conversation honestly, because these are things that happen all the time. We can’t be scared to say this person had depression.”

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