Hilarious Responses Trail Crash In Boity’s “Boity Pink Sapphire” Perfume

It was a business venture that launched with great buzz over a year ago. But how fates the “Boity pink Sapphire” perfume brand?

The perfume was named for its founder, Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo and buzzed when it was launched, with a price of around R595. The thing is that a lot has changed since then, including the price of the fragrance.

Now, multiple sources are pointing to the same fragrance now selling for just R60. The news of the massive crash in price had many South Africans cracking hilarious jokes at the rapper’s expense.

Some pointed out that the fragrance was overpriced from the start to create a false image of prestige and that the price had to be readjusted because it was way too expensive and people weren’t buying.

Some were even more mordant, claiming that the crash in the price of the fragrance was a sign that the brand could not break even and was already dying.

Amid all the speculations, one lady has remained silent on the subject, and that’s Boity herself. Clearly, she wouldn’t be bothered by the ongoing speculation about the brand. But it would be interesting to see if she would give an update on the fragrance line.

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