Hilarious, Watch Lusanda Beja’s Mum And Family React To His Lies

Lusanda Beja’s mum and his family react hilariously to his lies.

We wonder what it must feel like to hang with the Bejas. It really must be fun. It is obvious that they dont just spend all their time worshipping and recording music like we saw last year. They also have a little unplanned fun.

The Gospel star, Lusanda recently decided to join the Influencer challenge, and his family had a hilarious reaction to his lies. He also switched things up in the video. We dont want to spoil the fun by narrating what happens in it, so, why not see for yourself.

The Bejas practically stole all our hearts in 2020 with heartwarming videos of Dideka worshipping wholeheartedly. We were all excited to hear that she finally dropped her own music. Honestly, that was one of the most memorable events of the year. Check the funny new video out below.

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