Hillsong Founder Brian Houston Insists He’s No Addicted To Alcohol In New Video

It is not yet uhuru for Hillsong founder Brian Houston. After months of silence, the minister had posted on Instagram “to bring some much-needed clarity to the circumstances around my resignation from Hillsong Church in March, and Bobbie’s termination in early April.”

In the said clip, he stated he’ll be contesting the charge he concealed from the police child sexual abuse reportedly perpetrated by his disgraced father, Frank.

In the clip he shared on the gram, which was posted not long after his case was mentioned in Sydney’s Downing Centre local court, Brian noted that he was charged over a year ago over a crime that he’s yet to defend and that he will fight.

He was charged in 2021 but resigned from the Hillsong Church in March of this year. He noted that despite his living, he wanted to maintain a role as “founding pastor” of the church, but the church’s board made it clear it was impossible.

When he offered his resignation to the board, according to him, a big part of him hoped that the board, knowing the pressure he was under, would decline the resignation. But the board accepted it and he had to step down. You can check out the video below

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