Hilton Pretorius’ Mom Details His Last Moments

Assault victim Hilton Pretorius’ mom has opened up about his final moments before he died.

The country is currently mourning the passing of Hilton Pretorius, who was attacked last month. Pretorius was reported to have sustained severe brain injuries and was in a coma following the vicious Klerksdorp assault.

According to reports, Pretorius has died. His mother opened up about his last moments, saying she held his hand and watched tears roll down his cheeks.

Insiders told Netwerk 24 that the attack was triggered by a love triangle between Wernich Botha, his girlfriend, and Pretorius. A video shared online shows the girlfriend, a red-haired woman, running towards a blue Toyota Land Cruiser. Botha, dressed in black, alights from the vehicle and walks towards a man identified as Pretorius.
Botha gives him a hard blow, which knocks him to the ground, and he starts to bleed. He also lies unconscious on the ground. In a second video, while Pretorius is being resuscitated, a scuffle breaks out between some of the men gathered, and Botha punches another man, Roos, who falls on the ground unconscious.
Pretorius was reportedly in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator because the attack left him with a cracked skull and bleeding in his brain. Botha now faces murder charges following Pretorius’ death. The charge will be changed when he appears in the Klerksdorp Magistrate’s Court.

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