Hip Hop Star Flvme Loses Mother

South Africa’s hip hop champ Flvme is not happy at the moment, having just lost his mother.

The announcement of her death was made by Flvme himself exactly 2 hours ago today 16 July 2020. He gave no details of the cause of death, nor even when she died. He merely bid her rest in peace, adding that he loves love.

Flvme is apparently a believer in the afterlife, having expressed the belief he would meet his mother again. Where, exactly, he did not say.

The news of her death must have been particularly painfully, coming just days after the triumph of birthing his “Redlight District” album in collaboration with pal and fellow hip hop champ Die Mondez.

Details of Flvme’s mother’s funeral has not been announced yet. We are following events, though, and will keep you updated with new information regarding this. For now, you might want to bookmark this page and subscribe to our feed so you don’t miss the fine details.

Indeed, death is inevitable, but who really cares or wants to die? Take heart, muso.

Got some good wishes to share with Flvme and his family? You are we;lcome to drop them in the comment section below.

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