“His Killers Must Be Found” – Fikile Mbalula Remembers Calls For Justice In AKA Case

“His killers must be found.” That was South Africa’s minister of transport Fikile Mbalula writing about the death of celebrated rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes on his Instagram page recently.

The minister had taken to Twitter, where he noted that he missed the rapper that morning. In a follow-up tweet, he made it clear that the rapper’s killers must be found. You can check out his tweets below.

The minister’s tweets only amplified what many South Africans, most notably the late rapper’s fans (collectively called the Megacy), have been saying all along. And with no major breakthrough in the case so far, some of them are already losing faith in South Africa’s justice system.

AKA was assassinated exactly five months ago in Durban. He had just stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in the company of his associates, including his former manager Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane when he was shot at point-blank range on the head. Also killed with him was the manager mentioned earlier.

It was one death many had not seen coming. And the horror of it all continues to haunt many South Africans to this day. The songster was gearing up to release an album at the time he was killed. The project was released posthumously.

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