Hlaudi Motsoeneng Charms “Podcast and Chill” Viewers With His Knowledge

Hlaudi Motsoeneng left viewers of Podcast and Chill With MacG impressed after a brief outing on the platform.

The former chief operating officer (COO) of the state-owned South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)  had a lot to say about South Africa, the country’s current president, and the goings-on in many industries.

A clip of the show was shared online, and many South Africans had a lot to say about his take on issues, with the majority of tweeters acknowledging he was knowledgeable. You can check out the tweets below.

For some viewers across South Africa, the interview was a breath of fresh air (as the cliché goes) after the controversial interview had with American singer Ari Lennox.

The controversial podcaster host has been explicit in his questions, probing Ari’s love life, and peeps found it offensive and jarring.

The American singer was just as offended by the questions and he vowed never to visit South Africa again. She also shut down the possibility of doing another interview after that, calling those supporting MacG “peasants.” He’s since apologized, though, on a different platform.

Now with the Hlaudi Motsoeneng interview, the Ari Lennox debacle appears forgotten and Mzansi is keen to move on.

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