Hlaudi Motsoeneng Discusses The Zondo Commission’s Suggestion That He Be Looked into in Relation To The ANN7 Deal

Former SABC COO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, in a recent live interview on SABC, admitted to having sealed a deal with MultiChoice, but when asked about the details of the millions of rand in question, he pleaded the fifth. He went on to say that his letter of appeal was already in court, but prior to that revelation, he boasted a little to the interviewer about making SABC what it is today in addition to job creation for the unemployed which he has reportedly made his life’s mission.

When asked about Zondo’s monetary commission, however, Mr. Hlaudi made light of it, calling it ‘history’, stating that Zondo is not the court. On the issues concerning Gupta and the New Age, Motsoeneng also denied having anything to do with them, saying that folks don’t do their research before dishing information out to the public. He said they were only pushing their own issues which has nothing to do with him.

He said there would have been evidence if he indeed he was involved. “The fingers point somewhere else, not to me,” he said, almost whimsically. Though he ducked some questions, but he stayed his ground, maintaining that no investigations were necessary, as he is very much innocent.

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