Hlomla Dandala Leaves ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ Fans Unimpressed As the New Caesar

Famous actor Hlomla Dandala is facing backlash from “Smoke and Mirrors” fans after failing to impress with his performance as the new Caesar.

“Smoke and Mirrors” fans have not impressed with Dandala’s performance so far. They have called for Zolisa Xaluva to return to the role and asked that Hlomla Dandala be changed. We have known for a while that Dandala would be replacing Xaluva as Caesar but since Season 2 started, the viewers have not rated his performance well.

In their opinion, Dandala did not hit the bar set by Zolisa Xaluva. Dandala spoke to IOL about the new role, and called it an exciting challenge for him because the character of Caesar is loved by viewers. He also said that he aims to please fans by doing a great job at it. But fans don’t think he has.

Dandala said, “Playing a villainous character such as Caesar will surely bring the best out of me. But more than anything I’m excited to be back with the eFamily and I look forward to a real joyride as we enter the second season of the show.”

@Reel_TalkZA, a fan of the show wrote, “I am just going to say it, there is no chemistry between Hlomla Dandala and Ayanda Bandla. This is a disaster; Lala must come fetch her man and they must do #TheRiver again. Bring Zolisa back, I hate it here.”

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