Hlomu: The Wife – Mixed Reactions Trail Planned Replacement Of Mbali

Easily one of the popular series in South Africa, The Wife is undergoing a critical change, as Mavimbela will no longer play the role of Hlomu.

The movie buff Phil Mphela made the announcement in a recent tweet, provoking mixed reactions from his followers and those following the series.

Some think her exit was long overdue. Others believe she is the perfect actress for the role. There is no unanimity of agreement either way.

One particularly irritated fan asked to put the series on hold until returns because the fan thinks she’s the perfect person for that role. Towing a similar line, another fan had asked that the entire series be cancelled if it’ll have to continue without Mbali.

Another shared a meme of a crying Sis Tamara and noted she saw Hlomu trending and thought season 3 was about to begin, only to find out that would be changed and another actress given her role. No way. The fan would rather have Mandisa leave instead. You can check out the reactions below.

It’s unclear who would replace to play the Hlomu character. But with fans already rejecting the person before the unveiling, what’s going to happen? Stay tuned.

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