Hope For The Homeless As Jaden Smith Opens Restaurant To Feed Them

Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith is exploring his entrepreneurial and magnanimous sides at the same time, and it appears the poor and homeless would immensely benefit from it. Jaden has just opened a restaurant called “I Love You,” where the homeless can eat for free.

However, those who have money and are not homeless would have to pay for their meals. They would have to pay more to cater to the needs of those who cannot pay.

The “I Love You” restaurant was previously a food truck. Its conversion to her restaurant has not changed the underlying purpose for it, The restaurant has been serving the needy in the impoverished areas of Skid Row, according to a report by Skid Row.

When news of Jaden Smith’s initiative broke on social media, many hailed Jaden and commend his efforts to ensure that the homeless and needy get a semblance of warmth. As far as some people are concerned, what he has just done is a proactive approach to address hunger and homelessness.

“I Love You” as the name for the restaurant appears apt. The initiative is an act of love and many are bound to benefit from it. Way to go!

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