Hotter Than Hell X OnlyFans: Details Of Iggy Azalea “XXXTRA” Adventures

We have passed the era of “Hey Iggy” into something even more raunchy. Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is no newbie in the world of “OnlyFans” quality content. Only, she appeared to have jumped new bars in her sharing – something fans have noticed and have been speaking about.

In a new post on her verified Instagram channel, the Aussie musician had a new dimension in her creative evolution, unapologetic in its ardour. The first and second slides are the same, with just minor retouching of the background, which has “OnlyFans” written on it.

In the caption, she appears to be bringing fans into a semblance of a hotter-than-hell summer but hey, the reference is most certainly to her imminent album, which she is partly promoting with her OnlyFans-ic run.

The album “Hotter Than Hell” will be released in collaboration with OnlyFans and will also be exclusive to the platform – available to her fans at a $25 monthly subscription fee.

Already, there is a trailer for what is to come, and it shows the Aussie musician in her wild moments, like runaway temptation.

If you’re into the OnlyFans universe, then you might want to make it a point to see check out what the musician has put together. Your call, really.

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