House Of Zwide’s Molefe’s Farewell To On-Screen Sister Rea

After a deep connection, it is usually hard to let go. We see that in movies and real life as well. Molefew of the series “House of Zwide” has just provided with our latest example.

Actor Motlatsi Mafatshe played the role of Molefe in the series in which he had Rea Molapo as his sister.

It’s been three years on been brother and sister on the set of the series and they have developed a deep bond. With Molefe leaving, he seemingly has a sense of loss that he would no longer have Rea as his sister and no longer be acting alongside her. And it feels sad somehow.

Not surprisingly, he decided to reflect on this in a post on his Instagram page. He shared a clip from the series. In the caption, he pointed out that it was an honour to have worked with Rea (played by Matshepo).

it was an emotion-laden message that actually moved many of the star’s fans, as evident from the responses so far. But this shouldn’t surprise anyone conversant with the profound connection that actors sometimes have on set/ You can check out the post below.

For Rea, it was certainly an honour to have been remembered this way

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