#HouseOfZwide: Faith & Molefe Have Viewers Talking in New Episode

ETV’s television drama series House of Zwide has managed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, and it appears they can’t have enough of the show.

Faith is one that has particularly charmed viewers, and they consider her as the life of the show. This much should be obvious from the storm of tweets on her role in the show.

Written by Sydney Dire, Catherine Stewart, Ephraim Sitsha, Glenrose Ndlovu, and  Londeka Mchunu, House of Zwide tells the story of Ona, a fashion enthusiast, who dreams of one day becoming a great fashion designer.

Her dreams appear to be on course when she lands an internship in House of Zwide, one of the biggest fashion houses in the country. It turned out the man she adores as her father is no other than the hitman who had killed her mother and taken her away from him.

House of Zwide is a gripping tale that has got viewers asking for more since it premiered.

Faith (played by Winnie Ntshaba) isn’t the only one that has captured the attention of the audience, though. It turned out the latest episode of the series had viewers screaming about Molefe as well.


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