Houston Police Appeal For Witnesses To Step Forward After Rapper Takeoff’s Murder In Houston

Not his will, but Takeoff took off unexpectedly. And now the police are searching for witnesses to the murder, which had “America” trending on Twitter days ago.

Things got “Messy” around Halloween as Takeoff, one member of the now-defunct three-man band Migos, was shot and killed at a Houston bowling alley just after a party.

The news of the killing reverberated around the world, with many asking why he should die so young. (He was just 28 at the time of his death). And others point out that America is actually under the gun, and until there are effective gun control measures in place, similar incidents will continue to happen around the United States.

Determined to solve the murder puzzle, the police are urging witnesses to come forward with information that could help crack the case.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner, speaking at a news conference yesterday, Tuesday, November 2, threw some weighty questions before the audience. “I ask you one thing, and I want this to resonate with everybody: What if it was your brother? What if it was your son?”

Of course, they would want somebody to step up in that case. Now they should please do the same so that the killer(s) of the Migos rapper might be found.

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