How ANC KZN Leader Siboniso Duma Saved Cyril Ramaphosa

Things would have gone awry for president Cyril Ramaphosa again. But the newly elected ANC chairperson in KwaZulu-Natal, Sboniso Duma, stepped up and saved the day, ensuring the president delivered his speech at the ANC’s provincial elective conference.

The day was Sunday, 24 July. And speculations have been flying across Mzansi on whether the president would should up or not. There was no definitive answer at the time because the president had faced massive booing across the country recently.

Well, somehow, the president made it to the conference by 7 p.m. and was welcomed by Sboniso Duma and the new provincial secretary, Bheki Mtolo.

When he walked in, delegates were singing Wenzeni uZuma (what has Zuma done?). The delegates, mostly supporters of former president Jacob Zuma, wanted to know why the current president should jail his predecessor for contempt of court.

Sboniso Duma stepped up then, urging the delegates to be calm and allow the president to speak because their grievances would be treated later at another meeting.

The delegates listened to him and President Ramaphosa ended up delivering his speech without interruption. At the end of the day, Sboniso Duma had become a little hero – a leader who knows how to keep his house in check.

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