How Background Music can Make or Break a Video Game

Have you ever found yourself wondering why they put such a diverse range of background music in video games? Does it serve any purpose, or do they just put it there for no reason? Research says that music and sound effects directly impact people’s thinking and cognitive abilities. It also affects their performance and behavior during the game.

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Imagine your favorite Resident Evil game working without the sound effects; it does not even have half the effect it has with the music. The music adds that extra thrill to the game. So, how does music make or break video games, and how did it evolve? Let us find out more about this in the article below.

The history of background music in video games

Back in the day, the concept of background music in video games was very different. There was only generic music, like thumping or atmospheric music, in the background. There were no customizations and adaptations to particular games based on their gameplay or audience.

But many games back then came up with their own soundtracks, which to date, ring a bell with the audience. Games like Mario or the Pokemon console game, Resident Evil, and FIFA 04 all had their own iconic theme songs.

Not only do people to date remember these games by the music, these games have been recreated and revised in recent times, but they still have the original music. The player’s memories work in a way that they associate with the particular music, which helps them play the game in the normal course.

But another thing is for sure these soundtracks were very basic, even though iconic. They did not have customizations or changes of tone with intense games. Now the times have changed, and games like pokies, and slot games, race games, are coming up with their niche background score options.

Why is background music important for video games?

If you are playing a FIFA-themed pokie game in 2022, you will get a background score where the crowd cheers if you win, and more.

The background scores are customized according to each game. If you are a football lover, will ensure that you get to experience the game through the Pokie game itself and live your game moments through a different medium. That is why these games have become highly popular among people for the level of effort they put into background scores, illustrations, and animations to make the game experience highly immersive.

Parting Thoughts

As video games become more mainstream, the sounds have also become very flavorful, which is one reason why this industry thrives.

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