How L’tido Supported Tweezy To Out Of Depression

Research has shown that a person experiences tragic incidents while trying to deal with depression. Depression, which is a popular mental disorder affecting several people, can be stemmed from personal experiences and even occurrences from one’s profession.

Popular South African producer, Tweezy, took to his page last year to reveal that he was dealing with depression. He didn’t explain in details regarding what caused it but he stated that his love life and work affected him.


I’m currently going through what feels like the worst time of my life. My anxiety and depression is at its peak…

I’ve decided to take some away from social media. I need to get myself together again.

The talented producer returned this year to rule the scene. His prominence in the scene has served as a source of inspiration to many. One of those people include the talented rapper, L’tido. L’tido has assisted him in dealing with depression.

L’tido wrote:

was tweeting about how depressed he was last year…his back with a Bing Bang this year that’s some beautiful shit to see.

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